A Blogger’s life – After 2 Months Of Blogging

This is just myself talking to myself about myself:

  • So, how was the blogging life in February?…
  • Aaa, huh… Exciting, I guess…

Now, before you all start laughing at my lack of enthusiasm, you should know there is an explanation.

After a January dedicated to writing quite a few blog posts, in February I took a step back and looked at the big picture. Then rolled up my sleeves and started tackling the big elephant that was in my blog’s room: Social Media.

Dear travelers and (maybe) aspiring bloggers, if you think it is enough to write good articles and post them on your blog, then the readers will start coming like flies to an open honey jar, you couldn’t be more wrong.

The blogging’s world is like a wolf’s table – well, don’t take my words literarily, but there are plenty of bloggers out there, especially on the travel niche, who write excellent articles and are well established in the blogging world. And each of them wants people to read their blog and they are putting serious efforts to make this happen.

At the moment, I am not worrying too much about my blog traffic – I am checking the stats but I don’t mind too much when seeing only a few people coming sporadically. My main goal in the first months is to set up a good foundation for the blog and start adding one by one all the blog related activities – meaning Social Media, SEO, improved photos, improve writing style, etc.

In January, I set up the Instagram account. In February, I started using it more seriously, doing research on how to better use this tool, putting together a strategy, reading lots of articles (on other blogs!) about how people are Instagramming. I am fully aware there is room for improvement in my photos – I hate to say I don’t even have a DSLR camera and most of my pics are taken using my mobile phone and a small compact camera (it is a good quality Nikon thou the one that I am using). But I think I’m not completely hopeless, I kind of have an eye for catching good angles and details that make a difference in photos. I am not a professional photographer (and probably I’ll never be one) and I do hate carrying with me a big bag full to the brim with photographic equipment when going on trips/hikes. However, this is one bullet on my list for a not-so-faraway future – to buy a more professional camera. For now, I do try to do the best with what I have, I don’t not post online any rubbish shot I take and stay away as much as I can from the photo clichés, keeping my pics on the original side instead.

Oh, I almost forgot, but I reached my first 100 followers on Instagram – and they were entirely organic growth, cross my heart I did not chase any of my friends begging to start following me! I know for some of you will sound funny, but I am enjoying these small accomplishments!

Below is the pic that gathers the higher number of likes on Instagram this month – a bird’s eye view over Oxford, one my favorite cities in England😊

bird's eye view OxfordI have also started the Pinterest account. I like it and this tool has a huge potential for promoting your blog, but it requires much more work that Instagram -I did some research here as well, I am still working on putting together a strategy, but I did some progresses.

Twitter. I must say it is not my favorite Social Media tool at all. I rambled a bit around, twitting some stuff now and then, I didn’t do any research and, for the time being, I will leave it a bit behind and focus on stuff I think it’s more important.

Somehow, I managed to write 2 new articles, about the beautiful medieval villages in Kent – Aylesford, Ightham, Chiddingstone and Penhurst.

All in all, not that bad for a month, isn’t it? Especially that my day job became quite challenging in this period as well, with a new management and lots of changes on board.

My advice after 2 months of blogging: take Social Media very seriously. To have a good blog but without a proper Social Media strategy, would be like having Rolls Royce without the keys – you know what I mean…

What’s coming up in March? SEO – this will be my mantra for this Spring. I was reading on a blog that the owner didn’t do any SEO for 2 years, just kept writing articles – then he couldn’t go back to change all the articles and optimize them for the search engines, only did it for the most successful ones.

Well, I’ll tell you something – one thing I hate so much is to go back and re-do some work I didn’t do well from the beginning. I know you can’t do everything perfect from the start, but the sooner you correct your mistakes, the better.

In March I have also my first trip for this year – beautiful Portugal, aiming to see Lisbon, Sintra, Porto and Coimbra. I am going to spend my bday there and I fully intend to have a blast! 😊

It looks I’m going to be a busy bee this month!

See you soon!